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NetGPS The first fully NetWorked GPS guidance system.

FliteTek International introduces the VeriFly GPS product line, including the NetGPS guidance system, NetOFFICE, powered by AgSync Air, and live aircraft tracking and diagnostics with NetTRACKER.

Eliminate the need for manual file transfer from office to aircraft and make the task of application a simple 4 step process.
All you need to do is order, schedule, fly and complete the data.
No paperwork, no thumbdrives, no miscommunication. A seamless system automatically sending the work so you don’t have to. The NetGPS technology enables wireless connectivity for sharing work orders, asset location, as-applied, and order completion information unlike any other system.


Work orders can be organized and easily scheduled. Dispatchers can wirelessly sync data to the VeriFly system and completed work is seamlessly synced back to the AgSync system.

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The first Network data driven GPS guidance system. The system is simple, flexible and gives the pilot complete control over loads and jobs.

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NetTRACKER gives you the advantage of real time coverage and asset tracking unlike anything you've seen. Watch on screen exactly where the flightpaths are as they are happening.

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  • MiniBox
  • Lightbar
  • T800 Display

The first aerial guidance system designed around a removeable tablet. Explore the power and benefits of using a tablet. Easy to install, learn and use.

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See how the VeriFly NetGPS System can change the way you work!